Choose Loose 

Branding | Art Direction

How can we make people buy more loose fruits
and vegetables in the shops? Making it fun and fashionable, but most important, sustainable!

That's how we won one of the most important national competitions, Cannes Young Lions Ireland.

The idea behind this project is that you can customise your own clothes to create a bag for buying loose fruits and vegs in your local shop.

In 2018 I was the first one
to be invited to start developing this amazing project. I built the logo and with it, the brand did not stop growing. It means there is always something more to be developed. The product still in progress but it's current successfully running.

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Without any sewing skills, creating your own bag is easy.
The only thing you need is an old shirt and scissors. You simply cut the sleeves off and make vertical cuts at the bottom of the sleeve. After that, the only thing you need is to make knots and put together your own bag. 

This technique can also be used on the torso of the shirt, resulting in a total of 3 bags.

The connecting ring is one of the essential parts of the project. In partnership with SmurfitKappa, we thought about using wood as the primary material, creating a smart solution with a simple shape.

The ring not only allows the bag to close but also helps to connect other bags to the main one, adapting it to your own needs.

The first app screens were developed to be pitched to investors. Presentations were created. Stationery, uniforms and instructional videos were made and managed by me.


Concept: Rafael Ferla and Raphael Silva
Photographer: Eoin Lennon
Art Direction: Raphael Silva
Illustration: Raphael Silva
Visual ID: Raphael Silva
Studio: Droga5 Creative Studio